Sell tribasic lead sulphate

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tribasic lead sulphate

nature: white powder, with specific gravity 7.10, sweet and poisonous, absorbable, no inflaming and erosion ability; indissoluble to water, dissoluble to Hot acetic acid ammonium . It will fade and dissolve itself in sun when humid.

Project Index
Oxidize the lead content % 88-90
Inferior phosphoric acid % 7.5-8.5
Moisture <=0.4
Thin degree (200 eyes tail over the thing ) % <=0.4

Function: As a kind of common stabilizer used by PVC, with excellent heat-endurable ability, electric insulation ability and It is overbearing to be able to bear , the product is widely used for cable, hard board, pipe, PVC decoration material, shoe-making material, artificial leather and Mangle slice .

Packed in 25 Kilo plastic weaving bag and the film bag-lining.

2, Please note the package shall not be broken. Anti-humidity and anti-burning.