Sell triclocarban

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TCC is a high-effective and broad-spectrum antimicrobial. It has the bactericidal characteristics of continuance, safety and stability. It has great compatibility with the skin and high effective control and kill function on Gram-negative bacteria, epiphyte, microzyme and virus. Compare to traditional chlorine and oxygen type disinfectant, the TCC's prominent merit is its extremely good stability and the compatibility , it does not have the ill-smelling smell, also the drug efficacy is lasting, So it is wideld added in in fancy soap, shampoo, bodywash, facewash, laundry powder, the wound paste, the cosmetology cosmetics, shaving cream, the toothpaste, the mouth wash, the antibacterial tableware detergent, the wound disinfectant, the fabric antibacterial reorganization medicinal preparation, the medical disinfectant, the fiber textile and the products which can eliminates the dermatophytosis and the underarm odor, in order to sterilize, kill germs and deodorizes.