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Triclosan (DP300) is a broad spectrum, efficient, security, low-toxicity antibacterial, which has been praised highly in the worldwide. It has good chemical stability in rather high degree, acid or alkali solution. It shows no toxicity and leads to no environmental pollution. It is a generally acknowledged variety of antibacterial of especially good effect in the world.
The product has been repeated practiced for a long time overseas. The results show that it has no acute toxicity, safe of chronic toxicity; dont arose sensitivity or hypersusceptibility; no teratogenicity, carcinogenticity, or photosensitization. The Cl of Triclosan has peculiar stability so that no free chlorine be released. Triclosan doesnt been metabolized via liver and nephridium. It is quite safe and harmless even if add 10% more than the common dosage to lotion. So it is harmless to use the products that contain triclosan in regular terms.