Sell trimmer potentiometers, PT6, PT10, PT15,

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Carbon resistive element.
Dust proof enclosure
Polyester substrate
Also upon request:
Wiper positioned at 50% or fully clockwise
Long life model for low cost control pot. applications
Low torque option
Supplied n magazines for automatic insertion
Self extinguishable plastic UL 94V-0
Cut track option
Special tapers
Mechanical detents

Mechanical specification
Mechanical rotation angle : 2650150
Electrical rotation angle: 25001200
Torque :0.5 to 2.5 Ncm
Stop torque: >10 Ncm

Electrical specification
Range of value:100ohm<=Rn<=5M (Decad.1.0-2.0-2.2-2.5-4.7-5.0)
Tolerance 100ohm<=Rn<=1Mohm 120% ;1Mohm<=Rn<=5Mohm 130%
Max. voltage:250 VDC(lin) 125VDC(no lin)
Nominal Power: 500(1220F) 0.25W(lin) 0.12W( no lin)
Taper (log. &alog. only Rn>=1k) lin; log; alog
Residual resistance:<=5.10-3Rn(2ohm)
Equivalent noise resistance:<=3%Rn(3ohm)
Operating temperature:(-250+700) (-130F+158F)
The carbon potentiometers are widely use for car sounds, communication
appliances, house cinema systems, televisions, CDs, DVDs, PC displays,
PC videos, PC multi-media speakers, earphones, electric toys, lamps and
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