trophies and plaques

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Collar Ornaments, Bars and Insignias
Collar ornamentss for military, police and fire department. Available in Carltone Gold, Sterling Silver or Combination. Excellent gift items made of finest solid quality materials with our famed jewelers touch. Medals, awards, desk sets, trophies....

Design Service Badge Seals Jewelry Awards
Our company, Entenmann Rovin Co. , established in 1888, manufactures the finest military and police badges, medals, pendants, jewelry, mens rings, trophies, plaques, desk sets, military bars/insignias and Diana charms. Wholesale/Dealer Network me....

laser engraving machine
1, Double-face working table with honeycomb and aluminous strip is suitable for processing different kinds of materials. 2, Electric up and down working table, easy and flexible operation. 3, Equiped with automatic focus system to meet diff....

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Trophies, Trophy Parts, Plastic Trophy Bases, Mdf Trophy Bases, Pewter Cups, Medals, Glass Plaques.