Sell tropical pure natural Honey

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These are some of our various delicious blends of tropical pure natural Honey:

African Blossom
Highland Blend
Wild Comb

Our honey Products are 100% pure, natural, and organic.
All these varieties are available in:
450 gms glass jars, 500 gms squeeze bottles, and 4Kg Tubs. However we are able to accomodate whatever specification you may require.

About each product:


Our "Acacia" honey of the vast and majestic African savannah, and evokes memories of its magical floral splendor.

Highland Blend:

Our "Highland Blend" honey of the lush and verdant country hillsides, and evokes memories of its soothing serenity and tranquil landscapes.

Our "Wild Comb" variety of the rugged landscape and untamed spirit of Africa, evoking memories of its paradoxical nature.

African Blossom:

Our "African Blossom" Honey of the bountiful richness and vibrant fecundity of the African tropics, evoking memories of its mesmerizing bouquet of exotic fruits and flowers.

Kind Regards,
John Kayo.