tropisetron hydrochloride

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tropisetron hydrochloride
Tropisetron hydrochloride CAS : 105826-92-4 1kg/bag Name Tropisetron hydrochloride Synonyms 3-Tropanylindole-3-carboxylate hydrochloride Molecular Structure Molecular Formula C17 H20 N2 O2. HCl Molecular Weight 320.81 Quality standard....
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Tropisetron Hydrochloride
CAS No: 89565-68-4 Character: white or almost white crystalline powder Chemical Name: 8 - methyl -8 - azabicyclo [3,2,1]-3alpha-octane-1H-indole -3  carboxylate hydrochloride Molecular Formula: C17H20N2O2. HCl Molecular Weight: 320.81 Indicati....
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