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TDTR-801, TDTR-802, TDTR-803
Tone/ B
Brass bell
Gold lacquer/nickel plate/silver plate
7C mouthpiece
Tone/ B
Brass bell
Monel piston body
Gold lacquer/nickel plate/silver plate
Streamline mouthpiece

Characteristics of bB Trumpet TDTR805

Internationally prevailing styles are adopted in the design. Streamline shape is adopted to piston jackets and mouthpiece, curved knurling to piston buttons and upper and lower caps, hexagon shape to mouthpiece collar, drain valve screw and drain valve cap, and ball head cylindrical shape to drain valve post. The entire appearance is delightful with harmonic color and strong aesthetic feeling.

The piston heads, thumb hook and tuning ring are reasonably arranged. The spring forces are designed separately for middle finger, forefinger and ring finger, fulling embodying the humanization concept and offering comfortable feeling.

The piston body is made in special Monel material featuring in high hardness, high wearing resistance and friction factor. The piston is machined through special process to guarantee the geometric accuracy and surface roughness and obtain excellent air tightness, reliability and sensitivity, together with prolonged service life.

The thumb hook, little finger hook, drain valve key and supporting rod are made through cold extrusion process with high strength, smooth surface and good appearance, plus comfortable feeling.

The trumpet is designed and manufactured under the guidance of famous experts through the latest technology and unique process. It is the best among the domestically made trumpets. The product features in uniform and accurate scale range, bright and penetrating high pitches and powerful low pitches in graceful timbre.

The magnificent force changes and graceful melody will accompany you in the performance to give a full play of your skill and create a higher artistic realm.