Sell tuber machine

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Type of Bag to make
Type of Bag : Both-end pasted bag
Type of tube : Both-end stepped-cut tube (without gusset)
Number of ply : max.6 plies (include 1 PE)
Basic weight of Kraft paper : 75~105g/m2
Bag length : 620~1140mm
Tube length : 840~1380mm
Tube width (flat) : 450~720mm
Bottom width : 100~220mm
Bottom center distance : 460~880mm
Bottom opening width : 280~560mm
Valve sheet length : 100~300mm
Valve sheet width : 170~300mm
Number of printing : 2 colors

Tuber machine process
Mill roll stand , automatic print, automatic paper web guide, automatic paper unwind, auxiliary web draw system, perforation, cross step gluing, longitude seam gluing, tube forming, main drive and separation, count and delivery.