Sell tubular centrifuge (GQ105)

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This machine can be mainly used in food, chemical, biological product, blood, Chinese medicine, medicine intermediat production industry; And in separation of liquid solid and seqaration of liquid liquid solid.

Type GQfor clarification can be mainly used in separation of suspended liquid difficult to be separated especially in separation of thin concentration fine particles, and in separation of suspended liquid of which the specific gravity difference between solid liquid phases is very small.

Main Parameter :
Type GQ105
Diameter (mm) 105
Bowl Speed (r/min) 16000
Bowl Volume (L) 5.5
Separating Factors (ω2. r/g) 15025
Though output Capacity (kg/h) 500
Motor Power (kw) 2.2
Weight (kg) 400
Dimension (mm) LXWXH 800X700X1400