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Strong in separation, simple in structure, convenient in operation and maintenance, low in consuming power, small in ground, high in speed , strong in separtion factor, small in noise, adaptive in material with high or low temperature.
GF-separation:It is mainly used for separating all kinds of emulsion which is very difficult to be separated, especially suitable for liquid-liquid separation with very small gravity differential of the two phases and separation of liquid-liquid-solid phases contained a little impurity.
For examples, transformer oil, edible oil, turbine oil, lubricating oil, fuel, grease, saponification, all kinds of powder, and sugar paste. It also can be used in separatingblood plasma of biological leechdom, extracting blood plasma from animals blood ; refining soaking placenta, multi-phenol tea, and concentrated phosphatide from soybeans; purifying ejiao; separating oil and handling sewage etc.
GQ-clarification: It is mainly used for separating all kinds of suspension difficult to be separated, especially suitable for separation of solid-liquid suspension with light concentration, heavy viscosity, fine particles and very small differential gravity of the two phases.
For example clarifying all kinds of medicine fluid, glucose chlorhexidine, malic acid, oral solution, radix soghorae tonkinensis, coal tar and graphite; extracting protein, saponin, pectin, sirup; blood separation, settling vaccine mycelia and all kinds of glucose; refining paint, resin, and latex solution.