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Barrel forms the main part of dart. Tungsten is a very dense material, so tungsten dart can be made quite slim as to give user a safe and easy grip. Commonly, the barrel material is tungsten based heavy alloy billet. we can make W-Ni-Fe barrel, W-Ni-Cu barrel, W-Ni-Cu-Fe barrel, etc for tungsten dart. Also, We can make products according to customer demand. There are also brass darts, nickle silver darts, but tungsten is the strongest of these metals allowing darts to be made thinner. Darts made of Tungsten are generally considered the best.

1. highly durable, and tends to resist wear well, and as a result it enjoys longer life expectancy than brass darts and nickle silver darts. The grooves and rough knurling of other softer metal darts may wear down fairly quickly from skin acid, friction, and hitting other darts.
2. Better for tight grouping.
3. Lighter, beautiful in appearance compared to other darts
4.0ptimum grip and consistent, repeatable control.
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