Sell tungsten electrodes

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1. Usage field: arc welding in inert gases atmosphere, and ion welding, cutting, spray, manufacture electrodes.

2. Character: high melting point, stability in arc, no wastage. The electrodes can last even longer when put ThO2, CeO2 into pure tungsten. It also no pollution to welding slots. It will increase the ability of electronic spray and make the welding part more perfect.

3. The electrodes can live up to ISO6848 international standard, American AWSA5.12-95 standard. Please see the mainly component in the following sheet.

4. Range of specs and dimension tolerance,

Diameter: X0.1~15mm

Diameter tolerance: <=X2.5mm 士0.05mm, >X2.5mm 士0.1mm

Length tolerance: 士 1mm

5. Straightness: not over 0.5% of total length.

6. Quality of surface: clean, net, no crack, slot, flake, no oil pollution and other impurity.

7. Pure tungsten electrodes can has following character