Sell tungsten filament

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Tungsten filament, filament, lamp filament cab be used for EFLs, CFLs, halogen lamps and auto lamp.

Based on advanced equipments and technology introduced from Switzerland and South Korea, we can supply a variety of filament of single coil, coiled coil, triple coil, and non-standard filament. They are widely used in general incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, auto lamp, halogen lamp and other special lamps.

1) Double coil: 110V-250V
2) Triple coil: 110V-250V
3) Main-supplementary coil: 110V-250V

1) Uniformity in pitch, shape, color, luster and piece weight
2) High lighting efficiency
3) Long life
40Quick start-up

Guaranteed accuracy:
1) Total length:10.5mm
2) Piece weight: 13mg
3) Cold resistance: 13%ohm