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The Quantity for Installing Our Ventilations:
(References: The ventilating times of the different buildings)

The ventilating cubeļ¼ the cube of the building W the ventilating times

Ventilating cube
Installing Quantity = ----------------------------------
ventilating cube/hr

For example:
There is a building which is 50M length, 12M width and 6M height. The difference in temperature between indoor and outdoor is 100, and the wind speed is 9.6KM/hr. Moreover the ventilating times of the casting factory according to the standard material is between 10 to 30 times per hour. So the ventilating cube is
(50W12W6) W10 times/hr = 36000cube/hr .

---------------------------------------------------------------------------=14.6(units) 2458cbm/hr (according to the different model 880/500/300)

So wed better install 15 units ventilators for the workshop.