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Our TG turbine ventilators are made of stainless steel, and import the UBC bearing from USA. All the parts of the turbine ventilators are finished by the professional molding tools, they are assembled after checking by the professional equipments. It works without the electricity power, they can change our air condition indoors, leave us a comfortable environment. Also, when used in a workshop or a storeroom, they can advance the working environment, and this improves the workers' efficiency.

We produce many kinds of turbine ventilators, suh as TG-880, TG-500, TG-300. TG-880 are specially used in the machinery factory, paper factory, storerooms, and the big buildings which have much harmful air and the temperature is very high; TG-500 are used in the general industries rooms and the small buildings; TG-300 are used in the advanced houses and the ventilating pipes.

We are manufacturer and exporter of turbine roof ventilator, including TG-300, TG-500, TG-600, TG-880. We will be glad to honor your orders respecting the delivery periods and build a trustful relationship business. We guarantee our best quality and good service. To be your factory in China is our goal.
1. Do not need electric force

2) Protection against high temperature, bad air environment

3) Anti-corrosion, anti-acids and bases, anti-oxidation

4) Long usage.