Sell twin-tub washing machine

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product feature:

Fashionable design: The washing machine adopts the structure of whole-plastic outer cabinet. This kind of product has durable physical property and will never be rusted. The outer cabinet of the machine is well designed with up to date fashions so that it looks more bright, beautiful and fashionable.
Multiple-direction Water fall design: During washing, the water-falls ejecting from different directions can produce powerful, solid and cycled currents to scrub clothes, which makes the laundry hard to get twisted and obviously shortens the washing time, thus save water and electricity.
Polytype pulsator design: The pulsators are specially designed for bringing strong water flow to prevent clothes getting entangled, so that it makes the laundry hard for fraying but easy for washing.
Hand washing imitation design: The specially designed washboard-like and corrugated inner wall will increase the intensity of water flow and wash clothes like by hands, and therefore effectively improve the washing effect and make clothes more cleanly.
Super-quiet design: It adopts well-designed shock-absorbing devices which make the machine work more smoothly and quietly.
Automatic power-off function: After operation, the power-off protection works automatically, which saves electricity and brings more safety into the bargain.
Flowing dipping: During the process of dipping, the laundry is kneaded regularly in flowing water into which the detergent will be completely dissolved. Thus make the washing more cleanly.
Quick and Convenient: The machine's each washing program layout is designed rationally, which certainly shortens the washing time and therefore absolutely meet the rush of modern life.
Large capacity design: It may solve the whole family's washing matter.

Multiple-impeller Pulsator
Soft Brush Design
Magic Filter with Labyrinth
Washboard-like Inner Wall
Two Water Inlets
Transparent Ccover
Double-deck Inner Wall

MODEL XPB72-2001S(C)
Washing capacity 7.2
Spin capacity 6.0
Water Level(L)
High level 61
Middle level 52
Low level 41
Rated Input Power(W)
Washing power 360
Spin-dry power 160
Voltage/Frequency(Optional) 220v/50Hz
Noise Standard(dB)
Washing noise 62
Spin-dry noise 68
Certification ISO9001 CCC CE CB
Net weight 23
Gross weight 26
Dimension(WxDxH) (mm)
Machine size 760x450x900
Packing size 810x480x920
LoadingCapacity(40'HQ) 184 PCS