Sell tyre changer

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1. Semi-automatic tyre changer with swinging arm for rapid head positioning to the rim.
2. Integrated demounting, mounting and inflating the tyres, wide rim diameter capacity.
3. Self-centering function.
4. High alloy mounting head with optimised profiling and good wearing capacity.
5. Double clamping cylinders ensure accurate centering and reliable clamping.
6. With adjustable opening, bead breaker suitable for various size tyres.
Technical data
Rim clamping diameter (outer) 10-19
Rim clamping diameter (inner) 12-21
Rim width 3-12
Max. wheel diameter 1000mm
Working pressure 6-8bar
Bead breaker force 2500kgf
Turntable RPM 5.5rpm
Torque of turntable 1302Nm
Motor power 1.1/0.75kw
Weight 212kg
Power supply 110v/220v,380v 60Hz/50hz