Sell uinversal angle steel

uinversal angle steel
Good quality.
We have many different size:
24x20x0.8mm; 24x20x1.0mm; 24x20x1.1mm; 24x20x1.2mm; 27x20x1.2mm; 27x20x1.5mm; 27x27x1.2mm; 27x27x1.5mm; 32x20x1.1mm; 32x20x1.2mm; 32x20x1.5mm; 32x32x1.1mm; 32x32x1.2mm; 32x32x1.5mm; 38x38x1.4mm; 38x38x1.5mm; 38x38x1.8mm; 38x38x2.0mm; 57x32x1.5mm; 57x32x1.8mm; 57x38x1.5mm; 57x38x1.8mm; 57x38x2.0mm etc.
The size and color can be produced as the buyers' requirement.
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