Sell ulti-anode plate and cathode plate in electrolysis Zinc and Manganese

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The complex anode plate with P b, Ag , Ca and S r which was manufactured in our company raise the crystalline point of Lead now, because it included the elements-Ca and S r . And the grain of Lead is made to smaller . Therefore , the mechanical capability of anode plate is excellent ; it can conduct well and the power to resist corrosion.
The cathoed plates are rolling board AOO. Suspension loop, productive board and rolling board by a dual connection method which is casted into shape once and arc welding , the insulation fillet will be cemented with thermo-compression , which are not falls off and loose in the course of using . Its character in the following: the longitudinal section of Aluminum plate is a trapezoid which is thick on upside and thin on bottom. It is rich in its species, for example , 6mm to 4mm ,8mm to 5mm and so on . Its capability in the following: when the corrosion speed on the fluid contact surface of the flat board is faster than in the fluid box , Aluminum plate will brake in advance in the course of electrolysis in the past . However, this situation above won?t happen if we use profiled cathode plate . And it can lengthen the life of a whole plate.
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