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1. Wide product scope, thickness range is from 3mm to 12mm, min. size is 920*1016mm, max. size is 3660*2440mm, and we can also accept customerized order
2. Green, environment friendly product. our ultra clear galss past ROHS inspection of EU, which is a kind of certificate issued by international authorized organization, and it certifies that our ultra clear glass is environment friendly, healthy product. Architectural series ultra clear glass has low UV transmittance, and can effectively slow down fading and aging of indoor furniture.
3 Color consistency. To keep the ultra clear color consistent, we use the most advanced analysis instrument and color analysis software in the world to control, and use the analysis method to measure, to make sure the color of ultra clear color is consistent.
4 Good cost performance. Compared with foreign competitors, our ultra clear glass has better cost performance, so it is more competitive.
5 Every phase of order, no matter before ordering, order executing period, and after service, all is very convenient, and can provide you with no concern service.

Product Description

1) thickness: 3.2-12mm
2) low iron and flat, very high visible light transmision
3) qualified in processing such as tempered or toughened, substrated, mirror made, and light transmittance increased by chemistry way.
4) regular sizes are available 2134x3300, 2134x3660, 2250x3300, 2250x3300, 2134x3660, 2250x3660, 2440x1830
Customer sizes made could be accepted.
5) visible light transmittance (%)
Mm transmittance
3.2 91.6
4 91.4
5 91.28
6 91.1
8 91.03
10 90.72
12 90.64

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