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We supply low temperature refrigerator for medical use with lowest temperature degree up to -120. The volume is according to buyer's requirement. We also supply blood bank refrigerator, drug storage refrigerator, mortuary freezer, CO2 incubator, etc medical and laboratory equipments.

1. Microprocessor temperature control system with high precision, digital the temperature display, the inside temperature is clear at a glance.

2. Insulation door and second lid provide easy operation and reduction of loss of cold air energy saving.

3. High efficiency air-cooled condenser provides good heat exchange, fast cooling.

4. 90mm extra environment friendly insulation reduces effectively loss of cold air and provides energy saving and prolongs service life of the refrigerator.

5. Interior cabinet is made of stainless steel and plate type copper pipe evaporator provides easy access to the stored articles, good cooling effect and easy cleaning.

6. Control and display system for inside temperature on the front of the casing, provide adjustment and check inside temperature and operating status without opening the door, beautiful, practical and graceful.

7. The system installed safe protection system to ensure the system safe and reliable operation.

8. All components of the refrigeration system are imported and provide good reliability and long service life.

9. Perfect alarm system (over temperature alarm system fault alarm) and temperature recording system (optional) ensure safety of the stored articles.
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