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ultrahigh frequency induction heating machine:frequency:100-500KHZ
Application: machine parts quenching, depth of quenching less than 1.2mm. minor diameter forged piece heating before forging, wire annealing, inside bore quenching, iron, copper, aluminium , metalwelding, cemented carbide thermal spraying and so on.
Type of machine:XC-08, XC-16, XC-40, XC-70
Example :
1. 40X30 length 2m square bar quenching, depth of quenching 1-1.2mm
deflection little.
2. machine tool guideways dovetail groove quenching
3. 3mm drill bit heating
4. 3-5mm wire annealing(wire rope annealing before twisting) .
5. 0.5-1mm copper wire annealing
6. thick1mm copperplate heating covered with silver
7. 12mm inside bore annealing
8. cemented carbide saw blade welding, copper material welding
9. copper, silver, gold smelting
10. minitype shaft heat treatment
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380V 50HZ
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