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YM-323 has an unparalleled reputation as the classic in ultrasonic scaling technology: APCS&ILF&UIDS$ARPF and Inserts as well as tips perfectly compliment one another, providing outstanding patient and practitioner satisfaction, while producing excellent clinical results.

Main Features:

 Patented technology: Two-sided handpiece.
 Detachable handpiece from cord
 Metal connects metal, no leakage, no crack
 APCS technology makes this procedure more time-saving and cost-effective and delivers higher patient comfort than any other instruments.
 ILF let you keep track of scaling conditions
 UIDS constant cooling protection

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Other Charactistics:

 Power Supply: AC 120V or 230V 50/60 Hz
 Frequency: 30.5 KHz
 Scaling tips supplied: 4
 Water Consumption: 5 -50 cc/min
 Weight: 3.6 KG
 Dimensions: 18cmx13cmx7cm
 Foot pedal: 107
 Patents: ZL00232419.9 ZL00232417.7 ZL00232471.7
 Warrenty: 1 full year

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