Sell ultrasound scanner BEU-8200

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Finer image display and higher resolution due to the application of new image processing technologies such as multistage electronic focusing, changeable aperture, logarithm compression, dynamic frequency, TGC control, dynamic filter, digital scanning and correlation processing, etc;

Reliable performance with thanks to the application of latest large-scale PLD parts and SMT;

Extensive software packages, gain adjustment, full-screen edit and ergonomically designed keyboard to better meet customer's demand;

80-element probe is applied for multi-level sound matching, wider frequency and higher sensitivity;

7" large-screen display added with filter to free you from exhaustion after watching images for more hours;

Switching Mode Voltage Stabilizer, function of over-voltage, over-current and power-off protection, supply power adapt to AC 180V-250V (voltage) , 50Hz (frequency) .

Probe: 3.5MHz 80-element Convex Array Probe;

Measure Depth: 200mm;

Max. Resolution: Lateral: 2mm, Longitudinal: 1mm;

Gray Scales: 256 Grades;

Display Mode: B, B/B, B/M, M and 4B;

Monitor: 7" Right Angle CRT

Image Processing: Pre-processing, Transitional Frame, Interpolation

Focusing Mode: 4-sectored Focusing With Variable Aperture; Lens Focusing;

Measurement: Distance, Perimeter, Area, Hear Rate, Volume, EF Slope, and GS, BPD, CRL, HC, AC, FL for Fetus week and weight ;

Zoom: W0.8, W1.0, W1.2, W1.5, W1.8, W2.0;

Depth Scroll: Enlargement and Scroll;

Body Mark: 9 Body Marks With Various Probe Positions;

Display: Date, Week, Time, Medical Record No. , Zoom, Values, Body Marks, Probes (Able to rotate) , Annotation, Full-screen Edit, etc.

Packaging collocation:
Packaging Dimension: 390mm (w) W400mm (h) W480mm (d)

Weight: 10kg

Normative collocation: Main Unit (1 pc) ; 3.5MHz Convex Array Probe (1 pc)
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
2 weeks
Terms of Payment
T/T, L/C
Warranty Coverage
one year