Sell ultrasound scanner

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Linear Array Probe
Small-sized, lightweight, easy to carry.
Finer image display and higher resolution due to the application of the latest technologies such as dynamic focusing, variable aperture, logarithm compress, dynamic frequency, TGC control, dynamic filter, edge highlight and digital scanning conversions (DSC) act.
Reliable performance due to the application of the latest large-scale PLD parts and SMT.
Extensive software package, real time display and frozen display, digital adjustment of the field, medium field, near field and TGC control.
Combination of light-touch keyboard and mouse operation and ergonomically-designed keyboard to better meet customers require.
80-elements high-density probe, multi-levels sound matching, wide frequency and high sensitivity.
7" large-screen display added with filter to free you from exhaustion after watching images for more hours.
Regulated power supply providing over-voltage, over-current and power cut protection. It ranges between 180V-250V/50Hz
With standard PAL output, It can be connected to large screen monitor, video graphic printer etc.
Shock-absorption packing design, suitable for all transportation conditions.