Sell ultrasound scanner

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The main feature as follow:
1. The excellent image with high resolving power and definition
2. Multifunction triple frequency probe optional
3. Measure: Under B, B+B, B+M, measurement of distance, Area, circumference in all directions allowed, Under M, measurement of heart rate and depth. . All the measurement may operate with trackball.
4. Plenty of measuring software: measuring accurately and rapidly (Distance, Area, circumference, heart-rate) , Extensive quantification capabilities including BPD, GS, FL and CRL, display estimated fetal age from 4 to 43 weeks
5. Dynamic focusing, four focus .
6. Image magnification, Zoom of real time B-mode image to 1.0, 1.2 , 1.5,2.0 as you like.
7. Image storage, 32 permanent image storage
8. Image cine-memory ,
9. Depth shift
10. Scanning for line, make your eyes feel easy
11.15 body marks with probe position, Date, time, Patient ID and comments, Gain setting etc.
12.7/10/12/14 inch monitor for your choice
13. Chinese/English menu, operation with convenience
14. Sleep mode to save energy and protect screen and probe