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This unit, the SL-2D detector, as a result of applying of the advanced technology, refined design and sophisticated foreign units, is of quite depth of detection, accurate identifications capability and convenience of operation. It is a new example of the modern technologies.

The metal detector is Primarily used to detect and identify the metal objects buried in the earth; its applicable scope besides in the military affairs as follows:

1. In customs, airports, ports etc for safety check-up.

2. In police stations, courts for detection and search.

3. Checking the metal objects in parcels and luggage.

4. Detecting the metal concealed in the materials, food and fuel.

5. Detecting iron, mine, or in the archaeological search.

6. Detecting wires, tubes beneath the earth.

7. Searching for the jewelry and metal cultural relic, buried beneath the stratum.

8. Recycling the used metal.

While operating the old detector, it would be affected inevitably by the ground: the signal of the instrument will change as the distance between the head and the ground changes. If the earth surface is uneven, the signal will change more greatly. Operator will hear that the signal sounds all over: thus he cannot make sure of the accurate location of the target. It is called effect of mineralization.

The reason for the effect is that various kinds of mineral in the soil cause metal detector to give signal. In the place where the geologic conditions are complex, the very strong effect of mineralization will cause the larger signal than the metal signal. Thus, its very hard for operator to identify whether the signal is of the metal or of the effect. The SL-2D metal detector has been equipped with advanced ground balance system, and it is very effective in eliminating the effect of mineralization. Thus the instrument will sound the signal only when meeting metal, the depth and precision of detection is enhanced enormously
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