Sell up to 35% mileage increase

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*(Note) Fuel Additive-UYMI, A fuel additive burns along with the fuel. This product is a true Fuel Catalyst. A Fuel Catalyst does not burn but affects the way the fuel burns in a very beneficial and economical way.

This is a New Fuel Catalyst, a Fuel catalyst that gives up to 35% increase in fuel mileage. On the market 10 years. Co- developed by Johnny Rutherford three time "Indy" winner.

Other proven benefits:
up to 60-80% lowering of exahaust pollutions
up to 50%+ extension of engine life
up to 100% extension of oil change intervals
increased power for gasoline engines
up to 20% increase in power for diesel engines

Make contact for specific information on use of the product for your applications.

The product works in all vehicles - gas and diesel, rotary engines, two cycle engines no matter how small or large in size.
Brand Name
EnviroMax Plus (Extreme Fuel)
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