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Urea is a white crystalline substance with the chemical formula CO(NH2)2; it is highly water soluble and contains 46% nitrogen.
Urea is now the major fertilizer traded in international commerce.
Urea is manufactured synthetically by reacting natural gas, atmospheric nitrogen and water to produce carbon dioxide (CO2) with anhydrous ammonia (NH3) . The carbon dioxide (CO2) with anhydrous ammonia (NH3) are then combined under 3,000 psi pressure and at 350&F to produce molten urea [CO2 + 2NH3 !=> CO(NH2)2 + H2O]. The resulting molten mixture is further processed and dehydrated to produce either prills or granules.

(a) In 50 kg poly bags water-proofed for ocean freight/shipping - new 2-ply woven bags polypropylene outside and polyethylene inside, and then packed into shipping containers, or

(b) 40 such bags, palletized & sealed, packed in 2-ton Woven polypropylene jumbo sling bags (or 30 bags packed into 1.5-ton jumbo bags at PurchaserFs choice) , and all jumbo bags shall be water-proofed with nylon shrink wrapping for ocean freight/shipping, and with strong handles for carrying purposes.

(c) bags are be labeled indicating: Net weight 50kg ; Prilled Urea (or Granular Urea) ; Country of Origin
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50kg bags