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Product name: Ursolic acid
Extract place: leaves of loquat
Effective ingredient: Ursolic acid
Product property: 25% khaki,50% light yellow,80% white powder,90% upwards white acicula crystal powder
Product specification: HPLC 25%,50%,80%,90%,95%,98%
[M. F. & M. W. ] C30H48O3 ,456.68
CAS NO. 77-52-1
Structural Formula:

Summarize: Mainly growth in China, Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hubei area. It can be pick in all the year. Ursolic acid which is extract from loquat leaves have kinds of biology effect of calmness, anti-inflammation, antibacterial, anti-diabetes, anti-canker, reduce blood sugar etc. Recently research found that ursolic acid have functions of anti-carcinogenesis, antitumor, induce F9 teratoma cell polarize and anti-blood vessel formation. Its anti-cancer function is abroad, and most likely to become a newly low toxicity, high efficiency anti-cancer drug. In addition, Ursolic acid has an obviously anti-oxygen function, . Thus, it can widely use for medication and cosmetic material.

Main efficacy:
1. chemoprophylaxis function
2. anti-tumour activity function
3. protect liver, anti-hepatitis function
4. antibacterial, anti-virus function
5. increase immunologic function

Packaging: In cardboard drum,25Kg/drum