Sell usb air purifier

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Advocate environment protection and live a healthy life
We know that you love life. DKY environment-friendly hi-tech product is designed specially for you. No matter you are at home, offices or in the car, we will creat a pure and refreshing environment for you, caring the health of your family and you.

Adopt anion technology
Extremely purify the air and removes toxic substances including the dust, odors mold, etc.

Produce active oxygen molecules
The anions may release the negative electric charges from oxygen molecules to make them more active. Therefore, the lungs will absorb 20% more oxygen and expel 15% more carbon dioxide.

Broad spectrum and efficient ozone
Ozone may kill virus, and will be deoxidized into oxygen in the end without secondary pollution, which the chemical agents cannot achieve.

Effective prevention of air-conditioning diseases
Anions may improve metabolism, maintain a fresh air, relieve fatigue and effectively prevent the diseases arising from the air-conditioning.

Automatic timed sterilization
Automatic timed operation of ozone, 10 minutes after the start-up, one time of sterilization is finished and the machine is shut down automatically.

Personal style
Delicate style to be integrated with autos: Moreover, it is suitable to the office as well as home environment. And your taste lies here.

Addition of any fragrance
The fragrance tablets that release fragrance slowly are adopted. Long and lasting fragrance. Many fragrances are available.