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USB phone with LCM display:
1. Big LCM display
2. Backlight;
3. Inquiry of missed calls, received calls, dialed calls and the calling time;
4. some models are in Wireless singal transmitting method,
5. Incoming caller ID display;
6. Mute, hands free function;
7. Built-in ring, user may edit the rings;
8. Friend list display, on-line friends display;
10. Volume adjustable during a call;
11. Standard USB1.1 interface;
12. Built-in 16bit sound card;
13. Dual channel sound effect controller, available to connect external stereo earphone + MIC;
14. Available to be used as "USB sound card + speaker cabinet" under hands free mode;
15. Replacing mouse to operate SKYPE software in computer;
16. Skypeout balance display.

Besides above, We have several simple types of usb phone without LCM display.
Skype and any other softphones are widely used in the world, free(PC to PC) or very low rate(PC to PSTN or PSTN to PC) makes people be ready to use them commucate worldwide, now, more than 7,000,000 are online in Skype! "Voice over Internet Protocol"(VOIP) , a revolution is executing in telephone communication!
A high quality special phone suited for VOIP is needed, !
Our USB phone is specially designed for VOIP, such as Skype, and work as microphone & earphone with MSN, Yahoo Messager, MS Netmeeting and etc. makes you play VOIP just like playing PSTN telephone.
USB phone is a wonderful tool for bussinessmen, students, IT practitioners, and etc.
We can produce several types of USB Phones suited for all kinds of persons, companies and organs, the USB phones are with usb sound card themselves, in spite of your PC is with sound card or not, their panels are similar to those traditional telephone sets, you can conveniently operate them, the sound heard more vivid than by traditional PSTN phone.

Now we are seeking for agents/dealers/wholesales(usb /skype phone series products) worldwide!
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