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Many modern Desktop and Laptop PCS do not have serial ports as standard but all have USB ports. The USB to 232/485 range provide a compact and cost effective solution to interfacing new PCs to existing RS232 and RS485 networks

The RS485 converters have big advantages over traditional methods of accessing RS485 networks from PCs. The converters take their power from the USB port and therefore require no external power supply, a big advantage in portable and industrial applications. The USB485 is fully opto-isolated giving valuable protection to the PC in harsh environments. Another big advantage of the USB485 is that it automatically enables the RS485 transmitter when data is to be transmitted. This allows it to support two wire, half duplex communications without any need to control the RS485 transmitter enable from the application program. In short an application program written to support RS232 comms with no flow control can be made to interface to RS485 without modification.

Each of the USB232/485 series of interfaces comes with Windows and Linux compatible drivers and are designed to meet stringent performance requirements and ease of use while maintaining compatibility with standard serial communications boards.

USB 2.0 specification compliant
Windows and Linux compatible
Support for non standard baud rates
Three point isolated serial communications on isolated versions
Industry standard panel mounted connectors
Full Duplex, Half Duplex, Multi-drop applications
RS485 transmitter enabled automatically in Half Duplex mode
Full specification signal levels
Low power consumption
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