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1. Ceiling installation
2. Remote control
3. Exhausting air: 6000M3/H;
4. Oil tank 100L;
5. Automatic ignition, overheating limitation
6. Works in closed internal combustion, with flame extiguished protection
7. 1350mmx500mmx500mm

Burner B-10
1. Various fuels are applicable, e. g. waste engine oil, diesel, waste
vegetable oil, etc.
2. Big oil tank, to hold the burner machine during shipping from damage
and contains fuel as much as possible when using.
3. There is heating system at the bottom of the oil tank to pre-heat
fuel before pumping, esp. considerate for using in cold area.
4. Flame adjustable freely by air-inlet controlling.
5. 220V/50Hz & 110V/60Hz both available
6. Package weight: 42KGS
7. Specifications
* Oil consumption: 2 - 10 (KG/Hour)
* Output heat power: 24-119 (KW)
* Output heat: 20400-102000(KCal/h) /80,000-400,000(BTU/H)
* Distance of screw bore in the flange: 160x160(mm)
* Compressed Air Pressure: 0.05-0.1MPa
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