Sell used rails, HMS 1&2, HMS 1 direct from seller

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I have two business efforts, used rails for sale via seller mandate, and i represent mining laboratory in santiago chile. This laboratory is a metals ores, concentrate, base metal and metal powders source, taken from 16,000 mining clientele base here in chile. If you are end user of base metals, i invite you to contact me asap. If you are used rails broker or end user, see below.
Seller has two procedures and will only process fco and contract with new buyer-sider documents, loi and bcl.

We have two sellers of used rails[$207/mt], HMS 1, and HMS 1&2.

Minimum order spot or 12 X contract is 30,000mt.

First supplier, Payment by LC or BG/TT. LC requires 12 months contract and need both LOI and BCL. LCs are 100% confirmed, divisible, transferable/non-transferable and revolving.

Our second supplier, BG/TT and terms can be spot deal or 12 months ansd seller does not need BCL.

Further information provided to sincere buyers/brokers only. If you can not present LOI with buyer logo, save us both time. If you are end user, we need to talk to you!

To go further, we need your target price and LOI addressed to our seller.

I work directly with seller's manager, so you will not need NCNDA forms.

If seller-side brokers are involved, we need buyer's vitals on their letterhead [LOI]. And your commission requirements to proceed to next step: FCO issued by seller!
Minimum Order Quantity