Buy used rails R50-R65

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Dear mrs and mr

As we are the legal company (END BUYER) , we are looking to contact a VERY SERIOUS who's: the Producer/Manufacturer/Yard or the Direct Seller or brokers mandate (no brookers chain please) who deals directly with our legal company(END BUYER) PLEASE remember:we do not respond nor correspond with independant agents , nor pay any commission (denpending negociations deals) .
As we are ready to place orders within the next few days at this times, we are accepting offers from GENUIN Producer/Manufacturer/Yard or Direct Sellers or brookers mandate whom are able to perform and provide to us:

1-Orders size for contract volume of:
USED RAILS:R50, R65; 15000-30000MT SPOT DEAL.

2-to orders size for contract volume of:
USED RAILS:R50, R65; 30000MT per MONTH X 12.

At this time we only request to receive the following for review a serious business with yours competences and we wanna built longer relationship with yours company.
please make sure that your response will be complete and make sure that you respond to each of the 7 below requests in a separate Word Format
attachment :
1-Full Company Profile with cell phone number and all the appropriate contacts
2-Source of the products
3-Specifications of your Scrap Metal hms1&2, Used Rails
4-The content of your Draft contract including PROCEDURE
5-Current prices in
- CIF ASWP packed in CONTAINERS , and
- FOB packed in CONTAINERS
6-Photos on Word format with shooting dates
7-Ability to provide HMS to China with AQSIQ registration

hopely the trust can built and for longer relationship so we wait for yours furthers.

best regards,

KHANH NGU, president/owner of:
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
lc at sight
Terms of Sale