Sell used rails hms1&2

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USA SELLER-We are direct steel company non NHI. . contact me for prices on Used rails and HMS 1 & 2


01) Buyer issues this ICPO with soft probe consent and/or BCL.
02) Seller confirms this ICPO or LOI and BCL, and issues his FCO.
03) Seller issues Contract and Buyer signs and notarizes the Contract in 6 (six) Original copies and after that, sends 3 (three) copies to Buyer.
04) Buyers Banksends agreed pretext of letter of credit to be submitted to Sellers Bank
05) Seller signs buyer signed contract and submits full banking information.
06) Buyer's and Seller's Bank contact each other. Seller's Bank authenticates Sellers financial ability after Buyer's Bank proves the Buyer's funds and ability to perform.
07) Seller Bank opens a non operative Performance Bond to Buyers Bank
08) Buyer opens an (accepted and approved) operative Letter of Credit in amount equivalent to contract terms. Upon receipt of this operative Letter of Credit, Sellers Performance Bond becomes operative.
09) Delivery starts as agreed in the Contract.
Payment by Buyer to Seller by Letter of Credit is performed when documents are submitted as per Contract.

USA seller prices good for 10 days
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
35 Days
Minimum Order Quantity