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We have 180units used truck crane at the lowest price. The brand includes KATO, TADANO of 25Tons, 30Tons, 45Tons, 50Tons, 55Tons, 65Tons, 80Tons, 120Tons, 160Tons, 200Tons, 280Tons and 500Tons and so on. All the products prices are as below:
YEAR:1998 PRICE:35000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2000 PRICE:39000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2002 PRICE:35000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2003 PRICE:46000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2005 PRICE: 48000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2006 PRICE: 50000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:1996 PRICE: 47000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:1997 PRICE: 49000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:1999 PRICE: 51000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2000 PRICE: 54000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2001 PRICE: 59000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2004 PRICE: 64000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:1998 PRICE: 68000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2004 PRICE: 72000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:1998 PRICE: 78000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2001 PRICE: 80000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2003 PRICE: 83000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2005 PRICE: 87000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2006 PRICE: 91000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2007 PRICE: 95000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:1999 PRICE: 214000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2002 PRICE: 226000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2005 PRICE: 230000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:1997 PRICE: 41000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:1999 PRICE: 43000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2002 PRICE: 46000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2004 PRICE: 48000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2005 PRICE: 52000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:1997 PRICE: 49000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:1998 PRICE: 52000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2002 PRICE: 53500 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2003 PRICE: 58000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2005 PRICE: 62000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:1998 PRICE: 76000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2000 PRICE: 81000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2001 PRICE: 83000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2003 PRICE: 86000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2004 PRICE: 89000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2005 PRICE: 93000 USD (FOB)
YEAR:2006 PRICE: 98000 USD (FOB)
YEAR: 1998 PRICE: 130000 USD (FOB)
YEAR: 2000 PRICE: 142000 USD (FOB)
YEAR: 2002 PRICE: 151000 USD (FOB)
YEAR: 2004 PRICE: 159000 USD (FOB)
YEAR: 2006 PRICE: 168000 USD (FOB)
YEAR: 2002 PRICE: 365000 USD (FOB)
YEAR: 2004 PRICE: 380000 USD (FOB)
YEAR: 2005 PRICE: 920000 USD (FOB)
If any of the items falls into your interest, please feel free to give us a call or send us emails. We warmly invite you to visit our company and try the cranes. We will meet you at the airport, arrange the hotel and provide you all the other convenience as possible as we can.
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