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Name No additive Tube
Description: Color Code Red
The no additive tubes are applicable to the immunochemistry, immunology, serumology and all kinds of virus tests as well as the blood sampling and storage in blood collection stations. The tube walls are specially processed for preventing the sticking and hemolysis, which not only blood sampling tubes but the test tubes.

Name PT Tube
Description: Color Code Blue
PT tubes are applicable to the checks for blood coagulation. The vacuum tubes are designed according to the 1:9 proportions of anti-coagulants and blood samples. It can ensure an accurate blood dosage and anti-coagulants quantity as well as the high precision. Because the low toxicity of the sodium citrate, it can also be used to the blood storage

Name ESR Tube
Description: Color Code Black
The tubes are specially used for determination of the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) by the Westergren's Method. The mixing ratio is 1 part citrate solution to 4 parts blood. ESR measurements refer to the Westergren method.

Name Heparin Tube
Description: Color Code Green
The heparin tubes are use to blood sampling in clinical biochestry, emergency care biochemical and hemorrheological tests.

Name EDTA Tube
Description: Color Code Purple
The tubes are applicable to the clinical blood test and suitable for the blood cells analysis. The internal walls of the tubes are coated with the anti-sticking agent, and meanwhile add the anti-coagulant. EDTA anti-coagulant has low effects on the blood cell integration and blood cells configuration, which can restrain the platelets integration

Name Oxalate Tube
Description: Color Code Gray
The tubes are applicable to the blood samples test on the aspects of blood sugarsugar tolerance, red blood cell electrophoresis, Alkali-Resistant HB Determination, and sugar dissolution. Due to the add of the inhibitor and special process of the internal tube walls, it can maintain the blood original characters for a long time, and the metabolism of the RBC relative ceased.

Name Pro-Coagulation Tube
Description: Color Code Nacarat
The tubes are use to the blood sampling for biochemical, immunization test. The internal walls are coated with the anti-wall sticking agent and meanwhile add the pro-coagulant, which has the characters of temperature flexible, fast coagulation, fibrin never recur.

Name Gel and Clot Activator Tube
Description: Color Code Yellow
The tubes are applicable to blood serum biochemical test, immunization test, and drug test etc. the internal walls are Coated with pro-coagulant which and shorten the coagulation time significantly. Using the imported separation gel to prevent the protein in serum from adhesion and maintain a stable status. The centrifuged separation gel is solidified and forming a barrier to separate the serum from blood red cells and stop the exchange of the substances between them. Thus obtain the high quality serum.

Name ESR Tube
Description: Color Code Black
The tubes are specially used for blood sampling for determination of the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) by the Westergren Method

Name Vacuum Blood Tube Products'Characters
Description: Info Products'Characters
PREFACE:From the foundation of KangJian Medical, we are giving ourselves to development and manufacturing of the medical and clinical materials, equipments as well as their technological innovations. We have made the significant R&D on the aspects of manufacturing the products of blood sample's storage, collections of urine, secretion, sputum, feces and semen samples, also the products for transferring of the liquids samples and all kinds of testing accessories.
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