Sell vacuum brazing furnace

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Optional type: vertical and horizontal;
Max. Temp: up to 13000 determined according to brazing material;
Ultimate Vacuum Level: 5W10-5 Pa with suitable pumps;
Leakage Rate: 0.067Pa/h;
Temp. Uniformity: 1(3-5) 0;
Electrical Control: manual/automatic;
Fast cooling system and control system are up to customer.
The furnace can get to super high vacuum level to meet technical requirement of customer;
Cryotrap ensures temperature up to -200, prevents effectively oil backing, keeps vacuum chamber clean and improves ultimate vacuum level;
Excellent material of chamber meets the demand of heating process in vacuum;
Vacuum aluminum brazing furnace has Mg-catching board to protect vacuum system better;
Duo-operation system will meet special requirement of customer to separate operation and maintenance.