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Technical parameters:
Voltage 220-240 V Power 800-1200 W
Noise 78 dB Net weight 4.3 KG
Size of external box 385*300*305 mm Gross weight 5.2 KG
Vacuity 15-19.5Kpa Capacity of dust box 1 liter
Filtering system No cloth Rotational speed of leaf 15000R/min
Efficiency 16% Air flow 17 liters/second
Operating radius 7 m Maximum current 5.8A
Sucking power 120W
Function and features:
1. With special animal-imitated model, streamline design, it is smart and convenient, elegant and graceful.
2. With triple filtration, it is environmental protection and safe. And with this filtering devices, it can not only thoroughly clean dust and but also guarantee that exhausted wind is clean, which prevents virus and germs and secondary pollutions.
3. With portable design, it can be used conveniently. Large button is easy for operation without bending over.
4. Electronic power is relatively high and can adjust and control sucking ability.
5. It applies new roller scrubber, which moves conveniently and improves efficiency. It can also be used for other purposed with many suction nozzles.
6. Designed with dust-bag, it will display when dust is full and remind users to change dust bag.
7. It has great sucking ability, which is easy for use.
8. With triple amortization system, it runs in balance with low noise.
9. Quality guarantee: products pass GS and CE certification and conform to European and American standards.