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In the process of production for high viscosity emulsion such as oil, ointment etc, the pellet diameter and bubble entrance into the liquid during stirring seem to be the most severe problem. Big pellets will cause emulsion unstable and lack in luster. The entrance of air will make the emulsion rich in bubble, easy to be oxidized and germ polluted, resulting in rough appearance. To solve these problems, our company has developed ZJR vacuum emulsifying mixers in series. Featured with different mixing& stirring modes such as cut-off mixing, center-blade stirring, side-scraper stirring, etc. , the machine offers a most reasonable stirring function. Besides, no air entrance happens in vacuum throughout the process of production. Thus products of good quality (luster, exquisite and fine) are ensured.
2.2.1 Composition
The ZJR Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is composed of emulsifying pot, (elevating pot-cover, turn-over pot, material ex-circulating system) water pot, oil pot, vacuum unit, heat & temp. Control unit, cooling parts, pipes, electrical control system etc.

Dimension: Emulsifying Rack(Length X Width X Height ) : 2800X1500X2960M(4560M)
Water boiler and Oil boiler Rack(Length X Width X Height) :2800X1320X2200M
Table(Length X Width X Height ) : 2700X850M
Overall( Length X Width X Height) :4900X3320X (2960-4560) M
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CE ,ISO9000
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