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1) Rated voltage :12KV
2) Rated current :630A
3) Rated frequency : 50HZ
4) Rated active load breaking current: 630A
5) Rated loop-locked breaking current :630A
6) Rated peak withstand current: 20kA
7) Mechanical life: 10000 times
8) Contact automatic blocking ability: 40120N
10) Force required to hold contacts open at full stroke: 70120N
11) The resistance under contact automatic blocking ability loop:
12) Contact-wear allowance thickness: 3mm
13) Storage period: 20 years
Technical specifications of the contactor:
1) Clearance between open contacts: 5mm
2) Contact travel: 310.5mm
3) Average closing speed: 0.610.2m/s
4) Average opening speed: 1.010.2m/s
5) Rated contact pressure: 7001100N
6) Contact closing bounce time: <=2ms
7) Contact opening/closing non-synchrony: <=2ms