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Ultimate degree of vacuum: <1.333 Kpa
Vacuum room size: 400X400X130mm
machine size: 550X480X920mm
Packing capacity: 15-25second/time
Sealing band: 400x1mm
Voltage: 220V/50HZ
Motor power: 0.75KW
Speed of drawing: 5.5L/S
Weight: 82kg
Wood carton packing size: 67X53X104CM

The machine has pumped vacuum sealing a complete function of the different packaging materials and packaging requirements, the aircraft with vacuum, heat sealing time adjusting device, so as to achieve the best results packaging, the machine can be under the user's requirements and equipped with word-for-convenience, marking a clear marking device that is sealed at the same time, printed on the sealed online durability, factory or factory code date to meet national food labelling requirements;

The machine has advanced design, functional and stable and reliable performance, a wide range of applications, sealing strength, and the use of maintenance easy, is a better vacuum packing machine.