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Power(KW) :1.5Kw
Voltage(V) :380V
Max Pressure:30 Kpa
Max Air flux:185 M3/h
Normal pressure:<24 Kpa
Weight:24 Kg
The blower includes an impeller and a side channel formed with a semi-circular side
wall, having an inlet and outlet. As the impeller rotates, the air between the
impeller blades is radially and circumferentially accelerated and pushed into
the side channel. Here it is further compressed and forced back towards the impeller
blades where the air is further accelerated. As air is transported along a
spiral path through the impeller and side channel, each impeller blade increases
the compression and acceleration until the air reaches the point where the side
channel is connected to the discharge flange, where it is discharged. This type
of blower is also referred to other names, such as regenerative blower, ring compressor, side channel blower and vortex blower.

1) Low noise and vibration
2) Dynamic balancing minimizes vibration
3) Dust-proofed shaft seal: protects bearings from contaminated air stream
and possible particle damage
4) High reliability: directly connected motor shaft-impeller provides reliable,
long term performance
5) Periodic maintenance is not needed because no gears, belts, motor brushes
or sliding blades

Power: 120, 200, 250, 370, 550, 750, 1,100, 2,200, 3,000, 4,000, 5,500,
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