Sell vacuum pump 370W

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modle: HB-370
Power(KW) : 0.37Kw
Voltage(V) : 380V
Max Pressure: 16 Kpa
Max Air flux : 65 M3/h
Normal pressure: <12 Kpa
Weight: 10 Kg

Our major product is multi-series blower which is widely used for plastic machinery blowing, extruding, laminating, coating, weaving, printing, cutting, loading, welding, drying, conveying and heating. It is also useful for agriculture machinery, environment control and fish breeding. It has such features as low noise and vibration, high reliability, stable and high-pressure airflow.

The ring blower or exhauster increases the pressure of the aspirated gas by the
creation, in the peripheral torodial channel, of a series of vortexes caused by
the centrifugal thrust of the impeller.
While the impeller is rotating, the vanes force the gas forward and, because of the
centrifugal thrust, outwards, producing a helical motion. During this motion,
the gas is recompressed repeatedly with a consequent linear pressure increase along
the length of the channel.