Sell valve hose  casting equipment

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Our products include:
--Metal annular flexible hose
--Metal helix flexible hose
--Metal expansion joint
--fabric expansion joint
--Rubber expansion joint
--Big valve, flange, cam-lock coupler and tube couplings
--Various kinds of valves
1. Tepid-wax pattern forming equipment includes:
1) Single Station Wax Injection Machine
2) . C-form Two Station Wax Injection Machine
3) . Table-Turned Type Wax Injection Machine
4) . Two Station Pneumatically Driven Wax Injection Machine
5) . Two Station Wax Injection Machine
6) . Ceramic Injection Machine
7) . Wax Reservoir Thermo tank
2. Silica sol pattern forming equipment includes:
1) . L Type Universal Wax-Paste Mixer
2) . Lifting and Semi closed Type Sand Shower
3) . Sand Float Unit
3. Low temperature-wax pattern forming equipment includes:
1) . Table-Turned and Water-Poured Type Low Temperature Wax Injector
2) . Two Station and Supercharging Type Wax Injector
3) . Low Temperature Wax Paste making unit
4. Dewaxing and reclaiming equipment includes:
1) . Automatic Dewaxing Autoclave
2) . Electrical and Heating Type Wax Melting Furnace
3) . Wax Stewing Unit
4) . Dewatering Unit
5. Roasting furnace and wax-cleaning unit includes:
1) . Fuel and Gas Roasting Furnace
2) . Pneumatically Driven Pattern Shaking Unit
3) . Double Side Belt Grinding Unit
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