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Property and usage:
It is level a control valve developed from advanced energy-saving technology introduced from abroad. It is very reliable and energy-saving.
Its upper and down parts are tightly sealed to ensure reliable close. It is mainly used in various automatic water supply system of pools, water tower and so on.

Structure and working principle:
It is roughly composed of valve body, valve clack, piston rod, bonnet spring and other components. When the water level of a water tower drops, float valve is open, and the pressure reduces forming pressure difference between the above and below piston. Driven by this difference, valve clack is opened and water begins to flow in. When water level rise to the control level, the float valve closes, and the pressure increases. At that time the valve clack is closed and due to that the pressure above the piston is greater than the pressure below. With such a repeating circulation, it is able to supply water automatically.