Sell valve

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Temperature: -150~150 0
Materials of Body :Gray cast iron, Ductile cast iron, WCB
Materials of Disc: Stainless steel, Plated Ductile cast iron, Ductile iron coated Plastic
Materials of Seat: EPDM, NBR, PTFE
Materials of Stem: Stainless steel, Carbon steel

1, The valve body use ultra-light aluminum alloy materials, and its weight is only one-third of the traditional butterfly, easy to use and installation, have a good anti-corrosion performance.
2, Light torque achieved light weight and small size driving, so that lower the cost of the whole valve.
3 , The valve disc is based on a complete spherical manufacture, sealing surface of each part is a part of spherical, even the top and the bottom of the valve stem sealing is no exception. Although the valve sealing surface contacts, but quite smoothly, so the torque reduced, sealing performance improved, especially the friction of axial seal reduced , Adopt this technology make a threefold increase in the seat life-span.